The History of Nauticus boats

Nauticus boats where first built in the late 1960’s by Malcolm Thomas Plastics Limited. 26 Abbey Manufacturing Estate, Mount Pleasant, Alperton, Middlesex. The last time they advertised the boats for sale was in Waterways World (mid 1976). I have seen entries in boat listings of a “Malcolm Brian” being credited with the first boats built. Judging by the boat numbers that have come to light – and these could be found painted on the hull and sometimes under the front of the step behind the door into the galley – also a plaque on the door with a stamped number. There were over 240 boats built. Where are they all now?

  • “Lucy Em” – no missing – circa 1970
  • “So So Appy” – no 41 – 1970 (on certificate)
  • “Ta-A-Mo” – no not known – 12-8-1970 (original registration date in Liverpool)
  • “Sante II” – no 03 (22ft)
  • “Maggie James” – no 55 – (plate on door)
  • “Maestro” – no 62
  • “Watsmoor” – no 81 – 1971 (made in Wembley – all white)
  • “Blue Moon” – no 86 – 8th January 1972
  • “Lazy Days” – no 53? – 1972
  • “Absconder” – no 96 – April 1972
  • “Kelly” – no 100 – (plate on door)
  • “Kwai” – no 101 – June 1972 (hull starboard quarter and serial no plate on door)
  • “Que Sera Sera” – no 105 – August 1972 (on underside of step)
  • “Victoria” – no 107 – September 1972
  • “Hypotenuse” – no 112
  • “River Lady” – no 114 – October 1972
  • “Elizabeth” – no 117 – plate cabin door
  • “Saphire” – no 118 – November 1972
  • “Suzie II” – no 123 – 14-7-73 (found under cabin step)
  • “Franella” – no 134 (plate on door)
  • “Serenade” – no 155 (plate on door)
  • “Eugenie” – no 159
  • “Blue Shiree” – no 173 – circa 1975 (see 174 below so must be 1973?)
  • “Miss My Way” – no 174 – November 1973 (scrawled on step)
  • “Berlinda II” – no 184 (commissioned 1975)
  • “Aphrodite” – no 186 – Januray 1974 (scrawled on step beam)
  • “Blue Sceptre” – no 191
  • “Kentish Lady” – no 193 (plate on toilet door)
  • “Revolution” – no 199
  • “White Admiral” – no 203 (1975)
  • “Talisker” – no 206
  • “Winnie” – no 212
  • “Navilluso” – no 219 (now in Ireland!)
  • “Dragonfly” – no 220
  • “Golden Hawk” – no 222 – late 1975 (from newspapers found in drawers) – this boat has white top sides and longer rubbing bands.
  • “Salubrius” – no 243? – 1974
  • “Otter” – no 244
  • “Our Eden” (formerly The Mara) – no 247 the youngest so far!
  • “Clara Jo” – no 69
  • “Aramis” – no 202

This means that for 6 years, on average, Malcolm Thomas Plastics produced 3 boats per month.

From June 1977 (advertised in Waterways World) Triton Boats Limited, Castleham Road, St Leonards on Sea, Hastings, East Sussex started to produce the boats. This seemed to last for 2 years. My own boat was first called “Zam Zam” – no not known – circa 1978 (renamed “Captains Lady”, now “Kackza”) could well have been made by Triton.

At this time the moulds were purchased by Davison Bros and were then unused for about 2 years and re-sold in 1980. A new boat was made and advertised and shown at the Birmingham Boat Show.

The present hull of the Viking 28 is taken from a Nauticus mould and the 32 foot version is an extended version from the same mould.

Hull number on boats built by Malcolm Thomas Plastics – Painted on number located under the cockpit deck on the hull side or the inside face of the cabin step seen through the hatch in the cockpit deck – typically a month and a year i.e. “Nov 72” – Also if the original gas regulator is fitted (it needs changing!), this has a date on the body and is often very near the year built. Also the etching in the glass windscreen panels bears a glass manufacture date.

Triton Boats also scrawled numbers under the cockpit deck!

I am indebted to Ralph Davison for this information. Ralph is a boat surveyor and his father was part of Davison Bros. The boats listed above are boats that Ralph has surveyed. It would be great to “fill in the gaps” so please send me any “history” info that comes to light.

Original Nauticus (Malcolm Thomas Plastics) Advertising information


This purpose-designed 27ft Cruiser has been built and fitted to a luxury specification. The hull is constructed from 14oz G.R.P. laminate with a 5 &1/2 x 3 inch timber laminated throughout the length of the keel to minimise hull twist. This also means that the hull is much more stable and thicker than many other boats available today.

Every boat comes with the following standard equipment;

Hot and Cold running water, Shower, Refrigerator, Chemical Toilet, Carpet, Curtains, Cushions in Draylon or Cotton, Fire Blanket in the Galley, 2 x 1-36kg Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers, Cooker, Gas Bottle, Full instrumentation, Horn, Navigation Lights, Spotlights. 10lb Danforth Anchor and 60ft Chain. Lifering and Line, Boat Hook and Stowage Clips, 3 x 10m Mooring Lines, 2 Mooring Pins and Mallet, 8 Fenders and Bow Fender Fixed.

There are 2 12 volt batteries with a split – charge relay, one battery for all domestic supply, one for starting the boat only.

All boats are delivered free anywhere on the UK mainland all ready for immediate use including Antifouling, River License and Safety Certificate.

All boats comply with current N.R.A. and B.W. Safety Requirements.

The Nauticus 27ft is fitted as above without engine £14,950

The engine recommended is the Perkins M25 26HP Diesel with a Sonic outboard leg.

The price of the Nauticus and M25 Perkins Diesel Engine is £19,350

Alternative engines are available to suit your specific requirements, quotations are available on request